If you want to make shmoney in your sleep, you MUST have a money-making website! 

In this masterclass you will:

•Find out how to create a profitable web presence
•Learn the systems it takes to succeed w/o stress
•Identify the best payment portal for your business
•Learn proven strategies to attract new visitors
•Learn how to create content that turns visitors into buyers


In this masterclass, you'll:

•Learn the basics of brand development

•Identify core brand beliefs + craft brand message

•Understand how to market your products and programs to the masses

•Find out how to create connections with your audience

•Find out how to increase your cash flow through your creativity


Part One: Mindset

Get Your Mind + Money Right
-How to overcome limiting beliefs
-How to remove and release negative influences
-How to completely change your environment to position yourself to level up 

Part Two: Monetization

Turn Your Pain into a Paycheck
-How to turn your story into a stream of income
-How to monetize your message
-How to uncover your purpose based on your passions


This training covers:

•The tools you need to start and grow your email list

•The tactics you'll need to nurture your subscribers, increase your open rate and turn your readers into revenue

•The topics you can use (and campaign) suggestions for getting started


In this webinar, you'll learn:

•How to understand the EXACT elements necessary to make money  build wealth online

•How to stop feeling all over the place and identify  which investments to prioritize now 

•How to successfully implement NEW and PROVEN marketing methods outside of social media