Does this sound like you?

Have you been:


  • Burned out and tired of a 9-5 job or running a business that’s not making any money?
  • Frustrated with your business because it feels like it’s getting you nowhere?
  • Helpless and confused because you know you need some guidance or answers.
  • Wondering how to make more money from doing what you love to do but you just don’t know how to go about it?
  • Burned out, drowning in ideas and trying to figure out how to bring them to life?
  • Wanting to work with someone who can help you create multiple streams of income from the skills you already have?


You know you have a great idea. you know it’s going to work.

You just don’t know The many

ways to make a profit out of it.

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve already launched your business, I can help you turn any hobby or passion into a lucrative money-making business with my Wealth Without WERK method.

The truth is, your lack of a plan is keeping you stuck.

You are wasting so much time researching and googling, when the only way for you to execute is to really get down to it and master the strategies to make money online with multiple streams.

  Believe me, I totally get it. I was in the exact same position as you.

This is why I created New Stream School. I don’t want you to waste another minute feeling like a failure and making the same mistakes that I did. You already have that great idea, now let me teach you how you can monetize and create multiple streams of income which will allow you to have the financial freedom you have always wanted.

Once you learn my

WEALTH WITHOUT WERK framework, you will:


  • INCREASE CASH FLOW: Create multiple streams of revenue and reach the 6-figure income mark or more!
  • LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE: you can travel and get paid for things you’ve always wanted to do - from anywhere with a wifi connection.
  • ENJOY YOUR TIME: Have more time for the more important things in life like spending it with family and friends


You know you can't risk to have only one stream of revenue and this is why New Stream School is perfect for you. It will give you a chance to secure the future you have always dreamed of. NOW is the time to learn all about creating multiple streams of income and multiplying your earnings ten times over.

The New Stream School

was created with you in mind.

I have laid down all the things you need to know to enable you to walk away with at LEAST two additional streams of revenue for your current business or idea in less than three months.


I've taken the time out to truly assess my "Wealth Without Werk" model and have broken it down into a simple six-step formula that will help you finally launch, sooner and more successfully than you could have on your own.

Step One: Turning Your Story Into A Stream Of Revenue

Talk to me about your story and we’ll work on leveraging this into a profitable stream of income. You don’t want to leave so much money on the table do you?

Step Two: How To Find The Loyal Audience That Will Pay For Your Products/Services

It's not a true stream if the money is not coming in! What you need is brand exposure to find loyal customers who will pay for your products and services no matter how much the investment is. My expertise in branding & marketing have not only gotten me loyal customers, but allowed me to be be featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and many other mainstream media outlets.

Step Three: Tools Of The Trade

"Koereyelle, how did you get yours to look like that?"

"Koereyelle, what resource do you use for XYZ?"

I'm spilling all my secrets and going all out in giving you the ultimate resource guide. Let’s save you a ton of time and money by making sure that you’re referencing the right resources.

Step Four: The Perfect Launch Plan

It takes a perfectly planned launch plan to make sure that profits will be coming in. So, I have taken the guesswork out of your hands and handing over to you a launch plan that actually works. You never have to worry about having an idea and implementing a launch which won’t pick up any momentum. This is the tool that will make sure you never experience another nightmare launch.

Step Five: Partnerships to Profits

People always ask me how I get to form solid partnerships. The truth is, the right partnership does not mean anything if you don’t know what to do next. This resource will teach you how to secure partnerships that actually bring in the profits

Step Six: Selling & Securing The Bag Without Being "Salesy"

Selling has always been a tricky thing to do. Creating that balance between putting your products out there and making sure that your customers are not overwhelmed is something that only the most gifted entrepreneurs are able to do. Say no more to stuttering when you pitch your business, become more confident in sharing your rates, and you never have to feel like you are stalking clients just to make a sale. You’ll go from overwhelmed to overachiever in no time once you receive this resource.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Do you want to get started on leveling up in the next few months?

Let’s work together and let money work for you!

There’s nothing better than doing what you love to do and just letting the money flow into your business.

After today, the price increases by $998. Don’t wait!

Webinar Attendee Bonuses

When you sign up today, you get access to a few special bonuses to get your cash flowing faster.

You will unlock these 3 exclusive Webinar Attendee Bonuses:


Shopify Training to build a ready-to-monetize

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How to Build Your Email

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Pricing Intensive so you

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how to price

Ready to transform your business?

Meet Ta’Sha

Let me tell you about my client Ta’Sha, a personal stylist who transitioned into becoming an online boutique owner when bookings for her services declined. By adding the new stream (online shop), she created a steady monthly income. It was at this point that she began working with me to develop a wholesale program for boutique owners to resell her signature bracelets.


After implementing the strategy from our first session, she increased her revenue by $8100 in 30 days.

Meet Your Instructor

Koereyelle is a monetization strategist that helps millennial entrepreneurs develop diverse streams of income. As an award-winning entrepreneur, she managed to turn her $32k teaching salary into a six-figure brand and currently manages operations for the WERK University brand. Her voice and message has landed her some media features in/on NBC, VH1, Bravo, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, Essence, Forbes, TV One and more.

You see, the possibilities are endless when you open yourself up to learning new ways and strategies to earn money and I have proven experience and expertise to help you with that.

I can't wait to work with you and teach you all the things you need to know to grow a business that you deserve! Don’t have much time? This is a self-guided program so you can definitely work at your own pace and at your convenience.

I'll be teaching you this step-by-step money making in the New Stream School and me and my team will be your partners in growing your business.